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Responding to extremes and creating resilience is a major global concern, whether in relation to financial crises, weather disasters, or other high impact events. Construction is the foundation of modern society and provides the transport networks we travel on, the facilities for health and education of families, shelter for communities and the foundation of our economy. This infrastructure is impacted by extreme events.

Innovation around the built environment is essential for responding to these challenges, as well as driving economic growth, and enhancing social outcomes. Therefore how we structure and manage our research and development system in construction, especially for built asset resilience, is of critical import.

For researchers, this compels us to focus on how people interact with the built environment because this interaction fundamentally impacts on quality of life and economic growth. In a global context of challenged financial environments we need to carefully consider the ways in which we invest in construction research, remembering the importance of the user experience.

The CIB World Building Congress provides a unique opportunity for attendees across all built environment areas to witness and participate in the globally-leading activities and outcomes that will impact on our industry and society in the future. It is the central gathering of global research in building and construction, and the only event which collectively brings together all CIB working commissions and task groups.

I’ve been Involved in the CIB for nine years and it’s clear to me that the opportunities to grow ideas and professional networks through the CIB World Building Congress are unequalled across the building and construction research fields.

On its 60th anniversary, the CIB brought together its R&D at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Brisbane, Australia – which was created by the construction industry and is a testament to the value of pursuing community goals through the built environment. I want to thank Queensland University of Technology (QUT) for hosting the CIB World Congress in conjunction with the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc).

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